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Mindfulness Therapist* (Teacher) - someone who teaches 8-week Mindfulness courses.

Mindfulness Trainer - someone who teaches people to be Mindfulness Therapist (Teachers).

Mindfulness Supervisor - someone who supervises Mindfulness therapists (teachers) and practitioners.

Mindfulness Trainer of Trainers - someone who trains others to become a Mindfulness Trainer.


Prospective Mindfulness  Therapists (Teachers) will have:

  • a professionalqualification relevant to the client group(s) they will be teaching.
  • completed  an 8-week Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy or Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction course
  • at least one year of ongoing daily personal practice

o   personal practice means, ideally, a formal practice of ½ hour, 6 days per week (or more), or a minimum of 20 minutes at least 4 days per week.

  • regular support/supervision

It is recommended that prospective Mindfulness Therapists (Teachers) attend a residential training to deepen practice both before attending a Therapist (Teacher) Development Training and regularly thereafter.


Mindfulness Therapists (Teachers) will have:

  • all the requirements of a Prospective Mindfulness Therapist (Teacher)
  • attended a therapist (Teacher) Development Training
  • an ongoing daily personal practice
  • continuing professional development, including keeping up to date with the research and other literature.


Mindfulness Trainers will :

  • have all the requirements of a Mindfulness Therapist (Teacher)
  • attend at least one residential training to deepen practice annually
  • have taught at least 9 Mindfulness courses - at least 5 of those being with patients or the client group with whom they work.
  • participated inteaching a 4-day Therapist (Teacher) Development Training alongside a Trainer of Trainers.


Mindfulness Supervisors will have:

  • all the requirements of a Mindfulness Therapist (Teacher)
  • have taught at least 9 Mindfulness courses – at least 5 of those being with patients
  • fulfilled the supervision requirements of their own profession
  • preferably attended the Mindfulness Specialist Supervision 2-day course.

A Mindfulness Supervisor may also be a Mindfulness Trainer and, if so, will have the completed the requirements to be so.


Mindfulness Trainer of Trainers will have:

  • fulfilled the requirements of Mindfulness Therapist (Teachers), Supervisors and Trainers
  • taught at least 3 Therapist (Teacher) Development 4-Day Courses.

* Mindfulness within the NHS is delivered as a clinical intervention to patients. The National Scottish NHS Mindfulness Network guidelines use the term 'therapist' , rather than 'teacher' to reflect this. This change was made to bring it in line with language used within the delivery of psychological interventions across the NHS to support understanding within the NHS context.