Extra Practices

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Soundscape Practices

A series of extended audio recordings of nature in and around Glasgow, for mindful listening.

Can you to bring a curiosity to these listening practices? Opening up to all the layers of sounds, or at times choosing to narrow to a particular sound. Everything vibrates, as sound passes through and around us all the time. Can we practice a 'letting go' as we open up to sound, experiencing the textures and rhythms? Maybe becoming aware of physical sensations and emotions. Noticing when your attention has wandered off, where it is, and gently coming back to the focus of , or sitting with open awareness.


Early morning walk in a local park in May ( approx. 60 minutes). 

Afternoon walk along a treelined pathway( approx. 15 minutes) .

Evening walk in May in a Glasgow park ( approx 60 minutes) 



Streaming audio files (via YouTube, opens in a separate window)

3-step breathing space 


Mountain meditation



Coming soon - embedded audio files (no internet connection required)


We hope to have this section updated soon with embedded audio files that won't require an internet connection to play.