Pain Service MBSR practices

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We have recently started running 8-week MBSR groups again at the NHS GG&C Pain Service, albeit as online groups, using the Teams platform. This has presented some challenges, but also some opportunities to do things differently.  For a trial period we will upload live recordings of the guided practices that we introduce each week, so that participants (and anyone else using this app) can make use of these recordings for their personal practice in between the group sessions.

The recordings are presented as is, recorded via a laptop's microphone and speaker, with the odd phone alert and other background noises occasionally intruding in the background.....but we hope you find something here that might be useful for your personal practice.

We will add new practices each week, so please come back regularly and see what's new.


Week 7 - 4th May 2021

Compassion (20 minutes) 

Thoughts and reactions (12 minutes) 


Week 6 - 27th April 2021

Gentle movement then sitting (23 minutes) 

Sitting, sounds then thoughts, and reactions (22 minutes) 

Sitting with open awareness (6 minutes) 


Week 5 - 20th April 2021

Mindful awareness of thoughts, part 1 (22 minutes)

Mindful awareness of thoughts, part 2 (10 minutes) 


Week 4 - 6th April 2021 

Sitting with difficulty 23 minutes

3 step breathing space 5 minutes 


Week 3 - 30th March 2021 

Sitting practice 20 minutes

3-step breathing space 4 minutes


Week 2 - 23rd March 2021 

Body scan 25 minutes  

Sitting practice 12 minutes  


Week 1 - 16th March 2021 

Body scan 15 minutes