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This App has been designed to help people understand more about the condition Dissociative Seizures and how to self manage the symptoms experienced

The App has been developed by NHS clinicians including Neurologists, Clinical Psychologists and Psychiatrists with expertise in Dissociative Seizures

Patients with Dissociative Seizures have collaborated with NHS clinicians in the development of this App

The introduction video below will help you understand what is included in the App.

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You or someone you know may have  been given a Dx of Dissociative seizures.

As clinicians with expertise in diagnosing and managing dissociative seizures we know this can be a challenging and confusing time for patients their family and friends.

We have developed this App in conjunction with patients and their families who have a diagnosis of dissociative seizures.

The App aims to provide you with an understanding of the condition.

It is important to understand how dissociative seizures are

  • Diagnosed
  • The range of terms used to describe this condition,
  • The possible causes
  • Treatment options and
  • Potential coping strategies.

The App is NOT treatment or therapy rather it is a source of general information that we hope will be relevant and helpful to you as you begin to understand and manage dissociative seizures.